JPMML Error: Column Reason does not exist in the table

I have created a new PMML file close to the Churn Predicition Model.  When I try to deploy it with real data I have used the nodes File Reader, PMML Reader and then tried to use the JPMML Classifier.  When I executed the JPMML Classifier I got an error message "JPMML Error: Column Reason does not exist in the table".  I have double checked that all the field are exactly the same minus the Disconnect/Churn column.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi jrbaker,

It appears that your model was trained on data that includes a column named "Reason". Can you please check whether this column is also present in the data you want to use for deployment?



Heyy I have same problem, I have trained model and the column name is in the file but still says the colum does not exist.