JRE/JVM: HotSpot or OpenJ9

in KNIME 4.0 you changed the JRE to https://adoptopenjdk.net/ . They provide the “normal” JVM “HotSpot” as you choosed but also another JVM “OpenJ9” that is said to be better (less RAM, faster) according to some tests: https://www.eclipse.org/openj9/ and https://royvanrijn.com/blog/2018/05/openj9-jvm-shootout/ .

Do have also also tested this JVM? Can a user change the JVM (to the default one) for KNIME?

Hi @spider,
we did some tests with OpenJ9, but we discovered that it was not compatible with our H2O integration, due to some code in H2O expecting HotSpot specific garbage collector behavior.
If you don’t use H2O, you can try setting a different vm by editing the knime.ini file in the installation directory. Just follow these instructions:



And besides H2O? Is it faster, less RAM-hungry? Are there other bugs?

I stopped testing at this point, so I can’t tell you much more. It is currently not a supported configuration, so there might be more bugs. So try it out at your own risk.


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