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Hello, I am having some trouble with using a Table View node to display a JSON file from a JSON Reader node. So far when I open views I have individual rows with all of the corresponding data, however the column names show up in the row information. I have a screenshot attached. Is there a way to get the columns to display correctly?

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What nodes are you using after the JSON Reader? It would be helpful if you posted a workflow with what you have so far.

Hi, yeah im only supposed to use the Table View node

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Table View node displays data with the same number of columns/rows as there is in preceding node. In your case that node is JSON Reader node. If you right click on it and click JSON table at the bottom you’ll see same data (a bit different format) but not in HTML. To go from JSON into “normal” data table where sepalLength/Width would be column names you can use JSON to Table node.



Thank you that works great!

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