Json data to table


I am trying to convert a json input into table output using Json path and ungroup nodes. But the problem I am facing is with one of the variable which has multiple values for a single row given in the picture below.

When I am trying to ungroup it I am not getting assignees as per the workorder ID which is given in picture below.

I am using these paths to get the assignees details

Should I be using some different nodes to get this done or different paths?


Hi @nayana_soni , what is the current sequence of nodes you are using?

If I have the following json

"something" : {
"id" : 9005140,
"sequentiId" : 70,
"assignees": [ 
  "id" : 36182,
  "type" : "TEAM"
  "id" : 39018,
  "type" : "TEAM"
} ]

And I configure json path as this:

with both the “id” and “type” fields as collection queries, it results in the following output:

I can then ungroup the “ids” and “types” columns:


which results in: