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I am planning to use some spatial quaries of postgis by importing my JSON format data into a database. It seems that postgres queries-related nodes are still under construction. So, I only want to use Knime to enter my JSON file into PostgreSQL database tables, so later I can use Pgadmin for spatial queries.
I am not sure how I should set the DB Insert node to not face errors in the below:

I have attached a file and workflow as well.
image_id_list.json (905.3 KB)
HSON to PG.knwf (18.9 KB)


Hello @NeginZarbakhsh,

have you seen this topic?



Hi @ipazin

I have exactly set my nodes based on this topic, but it seems that the JSON file I have is causing issues with this setting.
If I run the flow with some data generator and table to JSON node, the flow is running, but I face this error when it read my JSON file.

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Hello @NeginZarbakhsh,

I see. Don’t have PostgreSQL DB so I’m afraid I can’t help you more. Hope someone will assist you :wink:

Good luck!


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