JSON Path/XPath get not existing entries as empty cases


I have a JSON File which looks like:

“results” : [ {
“id” : “abr23”
“items” : [ {
“Number” : “123”
} ]
}, {
“id” : “dewn42”
“items”: [ {
“Number” : “122”
}, {
“Number” : “133”
} ]

So you can have multiple numbers (at least one). I just need to know if there is more than one number per each id. Basically i tried Column Number1 = $…[‘items’][0][‘Number’] which returns me the first number and Column Number2 = $…[‘items’][1][‘Number’] for the second. The problem is that both return a list, but they differ in length. So for example if I have 30 ids I will get 30 Number1’s but e.g. only 10 Number2’s and I lose the link between the two numbers and their corresponding ids.

In the second list their should be empty entries if there is no number2 for any id. I would also be sufficient to get a binary value (0 = ‘only one number’, 1 = ‘at least two numbers’).

I appreciate your help.


Solved it by using this solution XPath selection type

But the question is, is it still possible to use some kind of count in Knime XPath?

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