JSONs Shipped as part of KNIME components on Knime Hub


I have a component on Knime hub that has a python script node.The python script node needs to always open a JSON file. Is it possible to include the JSON file as part of the component when I put my component on Knime Hub?

I am trying to avoid the user from having to do two steps (install my component from knime hub and secondly install a JSON file locally) - so potentially a way to have a node store the contents of a JSON or have the component on knime hub when installed to also install a JSON to a specific location on the machine



@saroopsamra welcome to the KNIME forum. I once proposed this solution to always carry a .PY module within a component. Not a very elegant solution but it would work.

Maybe this can be adapted for a JSON file. If you have larger JSOn files you could try and use base64 code where you could store a zip file.

You could also paste your JSON into a Table Creator node and then pass it via flow variable to Python. That way everything is right in your workflow.
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