Jumpstart for Machine Learning

I think everyone will agree when I say that ChatGPT is the hottest topic in the tech industry right now. It’s not surprising as the chatbot is an amazing tool to get answers to any questions you may ever had. And if it doesn’t have an answer it still has an answer :wink: ChatGPT has for sure many talents… It’s a poet, an A-student, a good adviser (well… this might be discussable), and and and…

Now, what’s behind all this is a machine learning model that generates those human-like responses. So, it’s needless to say that machine learning in general is a great way to deal with many problems: detecting patterns, making predictions, for image recognition, or even for training such a chatbot like ChatGPT.

:bulb:Luckily, KNIME Analytics Platform offers a bunch of nodes that enable training your own model in a codeless fashion! For a jumpstart on that we provide a machine learning cheatsheet that highlights the most common machine learning functionalities that are possible with the KNIME software! It’s a good starting point for your modeling journey!
:arrow_forward:Download it here


Great way to start using various machine learning algorithms at KNIME AP!


:books:And if you want to go even a step further and want to know how good your machine learning model is that you’ve built, make sure to check out the “From Model to Model Evaluation” booklet freely available from the #KNIMEPress. It evaluates multiple #scoring techniques and more.
:arrow_forward:Download it here: https://www.knime.com/knimepress/from-modeling-to-model-evaluation (IT’S FREE!)


Learn how Sahil Chawla uses #KNIME for machine learning: from loading the data and preprocessing it, to training and deploying a ML model. All that without a single line of code!

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