JUnit in batch mode & Call Workflow Service node


I executed testflows in batch mode using the following command line on order to generate JUnit reports

knime.exe -consoleLog -noexit -nosplash -ignoreNodeMessages -application org.knime.testing.NGTestflowRunner -root <Workspace_Path>\POC\Testflows\ -xmlResultDir <Workspace_Path>\POC\Testflows_Reports\

But I got the following error related to the Call Workflow Service node

ERROR KNIME-Worker-0-Call Workflow Service 3:5 Node Execute failed: No such workflow: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\tempTestRootDirs1402\Testflows\POC\KNIME_project

I do not understand why the node try to execute the KNIME_project workflow using this path since my workspace is located on the D: drive.

For your information:

  • The testflow are working in the Analytics platform 4.6.1 using either the default execution or using “Run as workflow test” option.

  • The path of the Call Workflow Service is equal to /POC/KNIME_project

Do you have any suggestions ?

Furthermore I got a warning message before this error.
WARN Testflow executor (Test_Call_KNIME_project) HadoopInitializer Unable to find 'msvcr100.dll' at hadoop home creation.