Just KNIME It Season 2 - LIVE Leaderboard

I could have sworn when I looked at your public repo on the Hub yesterday that the 2-14 solution didn’t have a tag on it. If you just added it, it won’t be reflected in the leaderboard until the next leaderboard update (which I believe is weekly).

:star_struck: What a journey this season was!

:clap: Congratulations to everybody who participated, and a special thanks to those in the leaderboard. We learned a lot from you: not only with your solutions, but also with how you collaborated with one another! :heartpulse:

:drum: Now, let’s roll out the drums to celebrate this season’s many winners! :trophy: @tyousuke @corgikenhouse @HaveF @HeatherPikairos @sryu @berti093 @Artem @MoLa_Data @tomljh @AnilKS
CONGRATULATIONS! :partying_face: You bravely completed all challenges this season and are our newest crew of KNIME KNinjas! :ninja: Incredible!

:eyes: Stay tuned for more official announcements regarding your feat! :eyes:


Congratulation all the new COTMs … that was really a awesome and fun season… with loads of new things to learns. Looking forward for new season.


@ScottF @alinebessa my submission of challenge 28 wasnt tagged. and all the old submission showing in draft…would appriciate if youcan check if submission received in order.

Hi! I just checked and saw that you did post solutions for the 30 challenges. Congratulations again! To correct the leaderboard, please make sure that all your solutions are properly tagged. Thanks!

Thank you all,
I’m just a beginner but I learned a lot trying to understand the proposed solutions to the challenges, the explanations and the developments.
I am already waiting for next season


Happy to hear that, Brain!

Badges for Season 2 have all been handed out. If you have any questions about that, please ping me. :slight_smile:

Congrats to everyone who participated!

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