Just KNIME It Season 2 - LIVE Leaderboard

Hey everyone! Check out the live JKI Season 2 Leaderboard, created by @paolotamag and @Lada, that shows how many challenges have been completed so far, and by whom. We’ll update it each week as the season continues. Questions? Just ask!


Please keep in mind that at the end of the year we will take a look at the winners solutions.

The data app is simply tracking:

  • whether an upload is present or not
  • how soon it was uploaded
  • when it was last edited

Regardless of this, make sure your solutions are complete and fully functioning if you want to win!

Check last year (Season 1) KNinjas winners here:

Happy KNIMing!


Would it need some debugging? Or, is there some logical rule missed?

I mean, by the mentioned ‘Last Updated’; I would have accounted for three Completed Challenges. It was properly tagged and uploaded to Hub by 03:00 AM (CET time), the link in the post proved it, as it wasn’t edited after either.

Nevertheless, it really doesn’t mind to me. It’s just for your records.


P.S.- By the way, I have to correct the ‘Season 03’ in the header :sweat_smile: (see picture)


this is the workflow right?

It is tagged correctly…

If it was uploaded before 6 am Berlin time it should have bumped your number, correct.
Thanks we will look into it.



Bug was fixed.
Now the timestamp is correct.
Sorry for the confusion.


Congrats to @berti093, @arddashti and @corgikenhouse and everyone else for showing up in the top 20 of the daily leaderboard!

To disclose your identity and be tagged also on social media maybe share a link to your LinkedIn or Twitter profile in your profile description. Simply visit (after log in):


or click like in the screenshot after logging in:




Leader board shows the one less ( 6 instead of 7 ) submission of challenge for me (anilks) while the last latest submission of challenge 7 was also submitted 5 days back prior to updating.


Hi @AnilKS,
Make sure you properly tag all of the workflows.
This one for example is not tagged with “JKISeason2-6”:

In the data app of the leaderboard above you can read the ‘Instructions’ by selecting the radio button in the top right corner. Refresh the forum page if you are having issues.


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Thanks to highlight the error. I have punched the header and description while missed to mention the same in Tag field. Wish the flow had try catch node and missing value node to highlight the participant too , just as a validation check . :grinning: :blush:


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Hi @ScottF

Just wanted to report that maybe there is a problem with the LIVE Leaderboard


Thanks! Looking into it.

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Hi @aworker - should be fixed now. Thanks again for the heads up!

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Thanks @ScottF !
Great it is up and running :blush::+1:!

Sorry for the confusion, but I see reported only 10, and I summited solutions for 11 of the 13th challenges, only at the moment not submitted yet a solution for challenges 9, and 13 I forget to publish yet and now I working on the 14.

Which one is not counted, for correcting the mistake?

For some challenge I summited more than 1 solution, I know in those cases is counter like only 1, but I believe counting the several solutions summited by others in another dashboard, that show how creative it flows in the community.


Hi @elimisael -

It looks like you submitted a few different WFs for challenge #7, but you didn’t include a tag (JKISeason2-7) for those. That’s probably why it’s not being counted.

Thanks for said me the mistake, I republished the WFs with the tag fix


Hello @ScottF,

I noted only 14 Challenges were reported, when I summited 15, I wanted to know which one was not registered.

Hi @elimisael -

I glanced through your solutions - looks like 2-14 doesn’t have the appropriate tag.

Sorry, what’s wrong?: