Just released: KNIME 4.3.0

Hi everyone,

As of yesterday, KNIME Analytics Platform 4.3.0 is available.

There are lots of new features, including some to make data access and preparation even more powerful and user friendly!

All the details are summarized here, as well as in the detailed changelog.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the new release. And let us know what your personal highlight is.

The KNIME Team


Congratulations to the :knime: team! The new file handling is a great step forward.

Just wondered when trying out: is there an easy way to retrieve the file name in a platform-independent manner?

The new List Files/Folders node returns a Path column, and I noticed the Path to String and Path to String (Variable) nodes that allow me to convert to String (since e.g. the String Manipulation (Variable) doesn’t seem to handle paths yet, right?).
In earlier versions (i.e. the List Files node), I was using a regular expression on the URL to extract the file name, as it was guaranteed to be everything after the last slash (/). Now with the Path format, it seems I have to go back to considering both slash (/) and backslash (\) again… or is there an easier way that I missed?


Hi @imagejan,

great to hear your feedback, thank you! :slight_smile:

Regarding your question, I think using the Path to String and String Manipulation nodes is the way to go right now. You get the file separator of the running system from the Extract System Properties node.



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