K-AI: Feedback removes essential code


K-AI seems to go rogue removing essential code. The query was “In the tool tip, highlight the currently hovering parameter item by making it bold.”

The related code was adjusted but so was unrelated code as well.


Hi Mike,

In the current setup, we can’t prevent this from happening. K-AI sees the whole code which allows you to ask it to change anything about it. But that means it can change anything.

We thought about this UX: select a few lines of the code and have a prompt that can replace these lines. K-AI could still read all code but only modify the selected lines. But as the “global” mode works great most of the time, we didn’t implement that yet. Do you think that would be useful? But then you’d need which piece of the code relates to – in your use case – the tool tip.

Here’s a tip for the power user you are :wink: (if you didn’t already figure this out yourself): You can edit the right editor in the diff view and re-insert the lines that K-AI removed, so that you won’t loose the code when you click “insert in editor”.



He he, guess what … I figred so :wink: What about using a diff-merge feature? It would allow you to keep K-AI as is and split that apart using already existing integrations.