K-means clustering


Currently, I am trying to perform a k-means clustering on a given dataset. If I open the configure screen - K-Means properties, some of the variables in my dataset are given in the boxes and some not. What could be reasons that some variables do not appear in the exclude or include field? Because I think I am missing some variables there (for example a binary variable).

I hope someone can explain me which variable characteristics are necessary to appear in the include/exclude fields.

Thanks in advance!


The description of the input ports says

All numerical values and only these are considered for clustering.

So you can use numbers and bools, but strings or date will not show up, as those can not be used by the node

EDIT: if you are interested to use strings (categorical variables) and you have a distance measure that you can define for those, then you can make use of the k-Medoids node together with the Numeric Distances, as for example is demonstrated in this example