K-means with equal cluster size


Hi, currently I’m trying to do k-means analysis to my data points in coordinate, in which when I executed the node gave me visualization like this.

I’m trying to make the cluster equal in size for all with total of 5 clusters. Is there something that I did wrong?

Thanks in Advance



Hello @andersenyunan -

The K-means node is not going to give you equal size clusters as output. Is there a particular reason you need clusters of equal size?

It turns out that generating such clusters is not trivial. You can see https://elki-project.github.io/tutorial/same-size_k_means for one method, if you don’t mind doing quite a lot of coding.

Apart from the equal size issue, are you seeing something else unexpected in your output? Briefly glancing at the image you posted, I don’t see anything odd. But feel free to post your workflow with additional information about what you’re trying to do and we can look at it further.