k-Medoid early termination


In the k-Medoid node, if you hover over it whilst running, it gives a status of what the last cost reduction was in the previous iteration.

What exactly does this figure mean ?

Also, it would be really useful if it was possible to have an option where you can finish the k-Medoid operation early when you are noticing the cost reductions have now reached very small values. Currently you have to wait until the number of iterations you have committed to are completed.




Hi Simon,

It's using some internal objective/cost function, which needs to be minimized. The cost reduction is the amount by which the value of the objective function is reduced between two iterations. The cost function itself is just the accumulative distance between any object and its nearest medoid.

The early abort is a feature, which I will add to our tracking system. I guess a view with a "Finish" button would do it.


Hi Bernd,

Many thanks for the explanation, most appreciated.

and thanks for logging the feature request, the implementation you suggest would be perfect.



... just adding that we implemented it with target 2.10 (due in summer this year).