Ka-Boom! Palladian 2.5

Palladian 2.8 for KNIME is available

Changes in a nutshell:

  • Map Viewer: Can render and output map images through a dedicated port (see here, here, here)
  • OAuth Connector (Custom OAuth 2.0): New node for OAuth 2.0 flows for arbitrary services
  • OAuth Connector: Flow variable support (see here)

  • Made plenty of existing nodes “streamable” (see e.g. here)

  • Regex Extractor: Template for hashtag extraction

  • Regex Extractor: Improved template for URL extraction (see here)

  • Compatible with KNIME 5 nightly, requires KNIME 4.5 minimum

The full changelog is available on NodePit here: Palladian Changelog

Update Site URLs:

  • KNIME 4.7: https://download.nodepit.com/4.7
  • KNIME 4.6: https://download.nodepit.com/4.6
  • KNIME 4.5: https://download.nodepit.com/4.5