Ka-Boom! Palladian 2.5

Unfortunately I cannot post this into the existing Ka-Boom thread, so we’re just starting a new one in order to keep up with the traditions!

There’s Palladian 2.5 on the update site with three new nodes:

Thanks to @wisemanleo we have improved the existing OAuth node to allow more signature methods (HMAC-SHA1, HMAC-SHA256, HMAC-SHA512, PLAINTEXT) and to allow settings additional headers. The new node replaces the previous one and is now called “OAuth 1 Signer”:

Beside that, there’s two new nodes in the “Geo” category for formatting and parsing DMS coordinates:

More Geo-related features will come soon. Stay tuned.

Palladian freely available for free KNIME versions and exclusively distributed through NodePit: Palladian — NodePit

A detailed changelog is available here

Update sites:

  • https://download.nodepit.com/palladian/4.5
  • https://download.nodepit.com/palladian/4.4
  • https://download.nodepit.com/palladian/4.3



Winning! Many thanks for the update.

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