Kafka Connection to Azure Event Hub

Hi, has anyone been able to connect to azure event hub via Knime’s Kafka Node ? I would like to consume the events in my azure tenant.

Step 1
I have an event hub called h-events.servicebus.windows.net
I put it in Kafka Cluster Field without any kafka port (9093)
and it tells me the topic can not be empty, there is no topic conf either in advanced settings.

ERROR Kafka Connector 3:9 Execute failed: Failed to construct kafka consumer
WARN Kafka Consumer 3:10 The cannot be empty

thanks in advance

Hi @hakandurgut,

Sorry for the late response. Personally, I have not been working with Azure Event Hubs but from what I can see in the documentation, I think it should be possible to connect.
For the Kafka Connector, I suggest you add the port as well so that it is

If you still see an error message in the console, please go to View → Open KNIME log…, go to the bottom of the file and copy the stack trace (basically all the messages before the initial ERROR message).
If you are able to connect, you need to provide the topic in the Kafka Consumer node.

Best regards,


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