KAP 5.1.1 Slow Load Times

I’ve mentioned this before, but 5.1.1 loads very slowly. 4.7.7 loads in ~1:15 while 5.1.1 loads in 5:45. I get a warning that my antivirus (Malwarebytes) may be slowng the load. However, I have v. 5.1.1 whitelisted. Both versions have approximately the same number of nodes and extensions. 4.7.7 has many more workflows in its workspace. 4.7.7 is installed on an internal SSD drive. 5.1.1 is installed in an external SCSI drive, but I wouldn’t think that would make so much difference. Any ideas?

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Hi @rfeigel,

  • Would you let us know which operating system are you using and if on windows, are both versions zip archives?
  • Also, is it the same if you start a fresh instance of 5.1.1? or does it get slow when there are extensions installed?
  • Is your 5.1.1 loading time the same with a new workspace?
  • And have you tested them under the same conditions? I mean in the same invironment with the same resources?

I would appreciate it if you provide us with this informatin. Thank you!

  1. Windows 11. 8GB dedicated memory. 4.7.x was installed from installer and then with automatic updates. 5.1.1 was installed from zip.
  2. Its always been slow. I don’t have an exact time for a fresh install and don’t have much desire to do still another install to test it.
  3. I’m using a new workspace with 5.1.1 with many fewer workflows than my 4.7.7 workspace.
  4. Don’t understand your last question.

Thank you @rfeigel and I’m sorry for the late reply:

While installing KNIME AP with the installer on Windows, you are asked for a memory limit where the default value is half of the total available memory. But the zip version uses 2GB as default. So, there is a difference in allowed memory there. Would you try changing the allowed memory usage in zip version to match the installed version and see if it solves the issue?
You can find the mentioned settings as e.g., “-Xmx2048m” in the “knime.ini” file in the installation folder where you can also find the KNIME executor as well.
Also, I suggest whitelisting KNIME installation folder, workspace folder and the KNIME executor (process) in your antivirus program.

I hope these tips helps otherwise please let me know so we can investigate your issue further.

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I’ve aleady increased memory for 5.1.1 to 8GB and whitelisted both the folder and executable. I still get the antivirus warning message.

If you are sure about everything else, then I can say it’s probably the different hard drives. NVMe SSDs are much faster than SCSI drives. But it depends what SSD and SCSI drives you are using.

Would you check and compare the read/write rates?

Hi everyone, I installed version 5.1.1 using the installer, then I accepted the proposed memory size (16GB, I have 32GB) and KNIME startup takes about 1 minute.
At the moment I haven’t installed any extensions yet.
I have a SATA III SSD and an i7-6700 processor.
I had used the zip version of KNIME and in fact the startup was quite slow, but I thought it depended on the extensions (I use a lot of them)

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From experience it definitely depends on the amount of extensions installed

@Daniel_Weikert Thanks. I have essentially the same extenions installed in 4.7.7 and 5.1.1 so that doesn’t explain the difference in load times.

Hi, thanks for answering. I will try as you explained and I hope it works.

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