KAP Version Problem Reports

It would be helpful when posting a question/problem/bug report if users would include the KAP version being used. This is especially true between 4.x and 5.x since the problems are usually different.


Yes I’ve been thinking the same thing @rfeigel. The 5.x version and modern UI have certainly added a new dimension to responding to questions!

They won’t, of course, because there is nothing to prompt them to do so. I think it would be good if the forum software had a drop down list or similar that requested the software version being used.


We’ve been thinking about this too - perhaps forum tags could suffice here, at least for major releases (e.g. 4.7 vs 5.1)?

Then the issue becomes, who has permissions to modify forum tags on user posts? Once we decide what we can implement we’ll be sure to let the wider community know. :slight_smile:


Isn’t there a signature option in Discourse?

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Not out of the box - there’s an official plugin for it that we don’t currently have installed. Why, did you have a specific idea about that?

I commonly see this enabled on forums where people put info like name, job title, social media accounts, pc specs, OS, etc. Normally limited to like 1 or 2 lines to not overflow a topic with his text.

Perhaps it could be used for OS, AP version, Server/Hub version.

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