Keras Example Workflows

I am considering myself pretty good at Knime, but a total Novice at ML. Dont get me wrong, I can download a sample Python script and manipulate it, but that’s about it. And while I wish I had the time and energy, I just don’t right now. My question: Aside from whats on the example server, where can I find some good (easy) examples?

For example:

I have millions of reviews with text and a score. I would love to train a model on that data, extract the topics and then be able to classify not rated content.

I have tons of Amazon search ranking data and features (price, discount, keyword frequency, position in title, ratings, sales rank etc.) Would love to train a model to understand what factors matter the most.

I have thousands of social profiles and their post, in a single table with features extracted, some are clear bots, how can I train and then use that model.

I know this is a lot, but any of these examples or a good starting point / script would be super appreciated!

Thank you

Hi @nxfxcom,

Feel free to use KNIME Hub to search for example workflows, nodes, and extensions. Working with text is a more specific topic, hence I’d point you to an example on Document classification for starters.

Even before that, it could make sense to go through the material for our Machine Learning course. You can get the material for L4-ML here. This should help you get a better understanding of how to implement ML with KNIME. Although approaches might differ depending on your data!


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