Keras Gaussian Noise Layer : Is noise Additive or Multiplicative ?

Dear KNIME Team Members,

I have a question concerning the Keras Gaussian Noise Layer setting of option “standard deviation of the noise distribution”.

In the node description it is said : “This layer applies multiplicative zero-centered gaussian noise to the layer input. Corresponds to the Keras Gaussian Noise Layer.” However, in the Keras Gaussian Noise Layer documentation, it is said that the noise is additive : “Apply additive zero-centered Gaussian noise”.

How has this been coded in the KNIME node, as additive or multiplicative noise? Could you please clarify this issue and advise? Many thanks in advance.

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Hi @aworker,

thanks for pointing that out! This is an error in our node documentation. The Keras Gaussian Noise Layer indeed applies additive noise as stated in the official Keras documentation. We’ll make sure to fix that.



Hi Dave,

Many thanks for your prompt and clear reply.

Best regards



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