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I’m trying to run a neural network to identify minerals that are present in the analysis of construction materials, and I’m very new to the software. I have also created a rule engine to convert the string mineral name into integers so that it can be read. Can anyone help me with getting my neurons to work together? The error message I’m getting is ‘Selected target columns do not provide enough elements (1) to populate all neurons (16) of the network target ‘dense_2_0:0’. Try adding some columns to the selection’. Any further advice on what I can do to get this network running would also be greatly appreciated.
Testing Processed Data - Datapeaks.knwf (103.5 KB)

@bensymon welcome to the KNIME forum. The workflow you provided does not have any data. You can save if with the data stored inside

or you could provide the data file either separately or in the /data/ folder of the workflow.

Then the question is what kind of problem you face and how to best set up a model. A neural network might have to be adapted to the task at hand and the structure of the data.


Would it work if I put a link to the space?
Testing Processed Data.knwf (103.1 KB)

The attachment should also be there with the box unticked to reset all nodes.

@bensymon the files do not contain any data. The data will be stored if the nodes have been executed and are green. Or you could just upload the data maybe.

Also the question was what kind of data and problem do you have.

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