Keras not working

Dear all,

I wanted to use Keras component on KNIME and I followed what suggested here: How to Set Up the Python Extension | KNIME

However even if I installed Miniconda 3 (Python 3.9.12), all KNIME extensions and set up them I have this error if I run the Kera Learner

ERROR Keras Network Learner 3:32 Execute failed: An error occurred while creating the Keras network from its layer specifications. Details:
Deep learning Python back end installation tests failed.
Cause: Python library ‘tensorflow’ or one of its dependencies is missing.
Python library ‘keras’ or one of its dependencies is missing.
In case Python packages are missing: you can create a new Python Conda environment that contains all packages required by the KNIME deep learning integrations in the “KNIME Deep Learning” Preferences.

If I perform conda list -n py3_knime I saw that there wasn’t neither keras neither tensorflow. I was able to install package keras using

conda install --name py3_knime keras

but I faced an error with

conda install --name py3_knime tensorflow-mkl

Shouldn’t KNIME install them when a new environment is created? Is there any suitable log to solve it?

@giuliovialetto I would suggest to install the necessary environment thru conda:

You can use KNIME to extract the KNIME yaml files for conda :slight_smile:

Or you could try the environment propagation at these examples (a simple deep learning network for binary classification using the KNIME Keras integration (with a Python environment propagation) – KNIME Hub, Train a simple Multilayer Perceptron using TensorFlow 2 – KNIME Hub)