Key Words / Phrases for PDF Research Report Analysis

I’ve spent the past couple of days or so looking through the forum and building workflows through trial and error but I’m not having much luck.

Basically, I need to read PDF files (Market Intelligence Reports) and figure out what is causing increases or decreases in supply/demand/price of a certain commodity.

So far, I have a workflow that uses the Chi Key Word extractor but that only gives me the common words occurring in the pdf files and does not really help in giving me the key drivers of supply/demand/price.

Any thoughts?


Hi willykim,

I think you need to use the term co-occurrence node:

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Thanks for the reply.
I took a look at the file you sent and applied it to my workflow but what would you recommend follows the co-occurrence node?

Term-to-string, JavaSnippet, Group by, Sorter etc…

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