Keyword tagging with Dictionary Tagger

Knime I am trying to simply tag an additional column if a “keyword” appears in one of two columns. Sometimes one of the columns has the keyword while the other does not. My issue is when I combine the rows with the keywords “Dictionary tagger” node tags the keywords twice. Below is my current work flow do you have any suggestions? I only want to tag a row in excel once if the keyword appears.

Hi yellowtrader,

I’m not sure if I understood correctly. I cannot see your workflow in attachment. Could you please share it?

Thank you,

Hello Vincenzo,
I was in the Austin class. How can I create a vlookup like with Excel, but with Knime I was told joiner and cross joiner would work, but I’m not sure how to adjust the configurations or if you have another node suggestion ? I don’t currently have a workflow.



I guess this thread might be useful:

Hope that helps!