Kime SDK develop


  I meet a problem.can you help me ?

 I create a new node by knime sdk.but I want put the node into package.

 for example:

   I create a new node named 'mynode'.I want to deploy this node under the directory of 'IO'.

   so how to do it.

You cannot put your nodes into any of the standard categories. They are reserved for native KNIME nodes. You need to create a new top-level category.

hi thor,

   How to create  a new top-level category? can you give me an example?

   In fact, I want to create a new categroy ,and put the new node in it .but I don't kown how to do    it .

See, second paragraph.

Hi thor,

When I change the source code of a node which I have created, I export it to dropins folder and reopen the KNIME but somehow the changes made in the source code are not reflected in the node. I have to follow these steps to make the changes made in Source code reflect in node

1. Delete the previous jar file from dropins

2. Reopen Knime so that it shows that node is missing.

3. Export the jar file with changed source code

4. Reopen Knime

After following these tedious steps I am able to see the change. Any Idea how to fix this