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Cordial saludo, alguiene ha podido leer en datos en forma qvd de Qlik Sense en Knime

Hello guys,

can someone help me please? I have this error message when I try to import this extension to KNIME.

Why it doesn’t work?


Thank you

Hello @sm0lda!

seen in another topic you managed to install it but still I’m adding info here for other users.

The above message is a bit misleading as it means appropriate update site is not enabled. For this Extension Community Extensions Experimental update site needs to be enabled (by default it is disabled). To do so go File --> Preferences --> Install/Update --> Available Software Sites and enable it.
See picture:

Then to install Extension(s) from within KNIME go File --> Install KNIME Extensions... and type “Qlik” and you’ll see extensionsneeded to get these nodes.

Additionally here is link for more on Update Sites: