KNIIME server installation

I followed the KNIME server single node installation on linux instructions .
At the end i got the message:
You successfully installed the KNIME server …
but when i paste the URLs on the browser address bar its not working…
kndly guide me where did i did wrong…
I attached the screenshots for your reference…

Thank you


If you’re on Linux, I encourage you to install the systemd scripts for server as seen in [1] and executor as seen in [2].

That being said, as the installer points out, it manually starts up Tomcat/KNIME server for you immediately, so the Webportal should be immediately available at the http/https sites listed above.

Based on your browser response, the first thing I’d look at is whether
a) if it is an AWS instance, I’d make sure the security group/firewall allows connections from your IP/from the outside. It could just be that your request isn’t getting to the server.
b) make sure that the server process is actually running and listening on the proper port to answer the request.
ps -ef | grep knime should show you the running knime processes.


  1. Make sure the server is reachable; and
  2. Make sure the server is listening/answering.


[1] KNIME Server Installation Guide
[2] KNIME Server Installation Guide

hey thanks,

I’m able to start the server , its is active (running) and i was able to log in into the web portal with admin user, while using , it says something went wrong and the executor status is (activating) failed with exit code.

im attaching the screenshots of logs and images for your reference:

login scree ss:

systemctl status knime-server.service

journalctl -u knime-executor.service -xe

I’d say the key is status=4/NOPERMISSION. The systemd script (override.conf) for knime-executor is going to say User=knime; did you run and install the knime-server-installer as root, perhaps?

Check the ownership of the executor files/subdirectories. If it is owned by root, then run chown -R knime:knime $EXECUTOR_DIR (where knime:knime is whatever user/group it should be, and $EXECUTOR_DIR is whatever directory the executor is installed in) so that the executor process has owner permissions (and therefore read/write/execute) on the files it needs to run properly.

Then see if sudo systemctl start knime-executor works correctly.

TLDR figure out the source of the NOPERMISSION and you’ll probably fix the executor startup issue.

Once you get the executor process starting correctly then you should see it show up in the Webportal>Monitoring section.


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