KNIME 2.10.1: Database Writer append not working


I updated from 2.9.4 to 2.10.1 and my Database Writer is not working anymore. Its supposed to append the new data but refusing with  Table 'logger' already exists

Obviously it needs to exist or the data cannot be appended. Any idea?

Sorry for the slow response.  Are you still running into this problem?  If so, what DB are you using?  


Hello Aaron,

yes, unfortunately I still have the same problem. As a workaround I have to load the workflow manually in 2.9.4. As this is a workflow scheduled hourly on the server - the workaround is not really practicable.

Besides KNIME, n othing was changedIm using the com.mysql.jdbc.Driver with mysql as follows:

| Variable_name           | Value               |
| protocol_version        | 10                  |
| version                 | 5.1.73              |
| version_comment         | Source distribution |
| version_compile_machine | x86_64              |
| version_compile_os      | redhat-linux-gnu    |


For the record: we have investigated the problem and it's mix of MySQL's sucking query optimizer, changes to the DB code in KNIME 2.10, and lack of free space on the machine. We will try to work around the MySQL problem in one of the next bugfix releases.