Knime 2.10


After updating the new version of Knime (2.10) I cannot install all Erl Wood nodes, so neither ScatterPlot 2D/3D.

Do you have any suggestion about how to fix this problem?

Thanks, regards,


Same for me too.

The nodes need to be updated by the Erl Wood team.

Hi all,

The Erl Wood nodes have not been updated for some time.  Yhey have several dependencies on the Chemaxon nodes.  Installing the commercial chemaxon nodes at the same time as the Erl Wood nodes can cause a lot of problems :-(  There are also various other bugs that have crept in due to changes to underlying dependencies.

The nodes have been branced internally and have been constantly maintained, enhanced and expanded.  The specific chemaxon problem has been resolved by substantial refactoring.  It is hoped that they will be re-released very soon depending on internal approvals.

In the meantime apologies for any problems.

Hi Michele,

I had the same problem. After many attempts and some forum help I finallly managed to install Erl Wood nodes.

Summarizing you have to:

  1. Update all the system to KNIME 2.10.1 (at least)
  2. Remove community entries (from File->Preferences->Install/Update->Available Update Sites)
  3. Restart KNIME
  4. Add community entries "Stable Community Contribution"
  5. Install Erl Wood nodes in the standard way (File -> Install KNIME extensions...)

For more details please read the thread:

That thread deals with Indigo, but is valid also for Erl Wood nodes.

I hope this help.