KNIME 2.11.2 XLS writer & ShareRoom

I initially spotted a problem with the XLS writer in 2.11.0, so I have been using 2.10.3 without any problems.  I thought I would try again with 2.11.2, but the XLS writer is giving the error message below the Selected File Dialog box “Error: no write permissions in directory” when I try to save a file in a ShareRoom/SharePoint.  This is extremely annoying.  The identical workflow is saving files to ShareRoom/SharePoint using 2.10.3 without any issues. It looks like I will never be able to upgrade my version of KNIME.  Can anyone help?

You can ignore the message in the dialog. The node should still execute fine. This is due a Java bug. It does not determine file permissions correctly on some network file systems.

Sorry in my case the node cannot be executed.  It is red and has the warning  in the console:

WARN    XLS Writer  Directory 'Z:\Master_KNIME_Checks' is not writable

Since all my workflows generate files that are stored directly in a ShareRoom I cannot use 2.11.  Saving the data to another location (e.g. C:\)  does not cause any errors, but I need to share my data.  As I have said before 2.10 does not have this error.


Ah, you have mounted the network drive as a drive letter. It should work if you use an UNC path, i.e.  \\servername\path. As I said this is a known bug in Java. We can try to work around it, but it's not that easy.

Sorry my example above was wrong.  My path in KNIME (XLS Writer node) was set as:

//      and it still does not work!

Basically I cannot use KNIME 2.11 and a work around would be good.

The funny thing I observed was if a file (with the same name) is already present in the ShareRoom it can be overwritten without any problems in 2.11, but a new file cannot be created using the XLS writer node? (So it has more to do with creating a file)

All of my workflows are based on storing the exports from workflows in varioius SharePoint sites and without this function I cannot use KNIME.   I see that there are other posts with this same problem  I would kindly ask KNIME to look deeper into this problem for a solution.