KNIME 2.11: ERROR: XLS Writer Node

The recent update has stopped all  my workflows from generating XLS files.  Writing files to the desktop fail (Connection Time Out) and writing to a ShareRoom Dir produce the error : is not writable!

How can I roll back to an older version of KNIME, I need to generate XLS files on a daily basis!

I hope this problem can be solved quickly!

Can you post the exact error message including stack traces for your log file? We are not aware of any such problems in the XSL Writer.

Reverting the upgrade is complicated, it's easier to install a fresh version of 2.10.

I have reinstalled 2.10 (The XLS writer is now working) and have sent my log file to you via email.

The new URL support for all writer nodes has trigged a Java bug. It cannot handle UNC paths correctly in some cirumstances. 2.11.1 will have a workaround for this issue.

Hello Thor,

thanks a lot, but maybe i am little bit stupid. KNIME Updates tells me, there is no Update avaiable. The Download File on KNIME Website is Version 2.11.0 - that's the Version on my PC too.

Can you please tell me, where i can get the Update / Patch Files or complete Version 2.11.1?

Thanks, Ingo



2.11.1 is not yet released. Therefore you also don't see an update.

Hi Thor,

thanks a lot for your quick information. Well, I will be patient.

Maybe it is a useful information: all writer nodes work fine on local file systems. It is not very comfortable, but it is a way to create the wanted Output…

Greetings, Ingo.