Knime 2.3

Hi all,

does anybody know how to install the Schrödinger nodes into Knime 2.3?

I only found the instructions how to install the schrödinger nodes into an existing Knime 2.1.


Thanks a lot



Dear Lars,

There is a FAQ on the schrodinger website (, which answers your question. I tried it and it worked for me.


Thanks Bernd,

I tried that already and it does not work in my case. Do you know if the Knime installation has to be in a specific directory?


Best regards and thanks


KNIME does not have to be in any specific folder.

Are you trying to install via the zipped update site? This file needs to be downloaded manually and then be pointed to from within KNIME. Unfortunately, the Schrodinger FAQ just describes how to compose the URL but does not give the direct URL (for the 2010 release it would be this one:

Alternatively, you can also use the hosted update site:
(Note that you possibly need to set the proxy configuration in KNIME.)