Knime 2.9.1 - where is Math Formula?

Installer: knime_2.9.1win32.win32.x86_64.exe

I must be missing something - where is Math Formula in 2.9.1 ? Searched for it (it wasn't under Meta, like 2.8.x) Nothing under Math or Formula, no updates, and nothing in Extensions.


I think you should search for JEP (probably org.knime.ext.jep) in the update site. That contains the Math Formula.

Hello there, 

Absolute beginner with KNIME, but I can see its potential as multi-purpose tool. 

I'm also having problems finding the MathFormula node. Even in the SDK I can get the Source for Math Expression (JEP) but not the actual .jar. I had to get it from the plugins folder of KNIME Analytics Platform installation. 

My goal was to use some nodes in a simple workflow that would be build dynamically in Java code, but I'm reaching the conclusion this is discouraged as I can't find examples of this anywhere, and comments here in the forum suggest to just use the GUI and save workflows. 

But even executing single nodes would help. Like building a BufferedDataTable and passing an ExecutionContext to execute and get the result. AutoBinner class for example seems to let me do this (not AutoBinnerLearnNodeModel). But I can't find the MathFormula anywhere. The closest I got was the JEPNodeModel but as for all NodeModels, the execute method is protected. 

Any help or hint is appreciated!



Please start a new thread for your question!

Cheers, Iris