knime 3.0 freezes during startup

KNIME 3.0 freezes during startup on screen "Loading org.eclipse.ui.views" and does not start. 

I managed to start it several times but suddenly it does not work anymore.

Hi iiiaaa,

you are using a Mac?


No, I'm using a PC with windows 8 (64 bit).

That's news to us. Can you send a screenshot where it freezes and the knime.log file?

Where can I find the log? What's its name?

In your KNIME workspace (the folder you select(ed) on the start-up of KNIME) you should find the log file at .metadata/knime/knime.log.

There is also a shortcut in the menu bar: "View" -> "Open KNIME Log".

Please find attached the log file.

This is a problem with the favourite nodes view. If you don't use it, closing it should resolve the issue until we have fixed the problem.

How can I close it if I'm not able to open knime?

Either try again a few times (this problem is dependent on timing) or create a new workspace.

Maybe should also mention that we committed a fix for target 3.0.1. That's a problem deep down in eclipse so please verify then.