KNIME 3.1.1 Deprecated Nodes

I've migrated from v. 2.1.12 to v. 3.1.1. Is there documentation somewhere about replacement nodes in 3.1.1 for nodes that have been deprecated? I have workflows with lots of deprecated nodes. Some have replacements in 3.1.1 with the same names. Others have no one for one replacement. For example, the 'Standard Named Entity Filter' in 2.1.12 has no simlilar node in 3.1.1. I've tried the 'Tag Filter' node in 3.1.1, but it doesn't work. The 'Term Grouper' node in 2.1.12 seems to have nothing similar in 3.1.1. Some documentation would certainly help make the transition easier.

I figured out how to replace the named entity filter node with the tag filter, but am still lost with what to do to replace the term grouper node.

Many changes have been applied from 2 to 3 and almost all preprocessing nodes have been set deprecated. For Tag filtering you can use the Tag Filter node. The nodes applies the filtering directly on the documents. You might not see changes directly in the document, since only the title will be shown anyway in the out put table view. To see which terms are contained the (filtered) documents you can e.g. use the bag of words node. The term grouper node is not necessary anymore.

As an example see the sentiment workflows on the examples server.

Cheers, Kilian