KNIME 3.6.0 error: "Selected Keras back end 'Keras (TensorFlow)' is not available anymore"

Hi Marcel,

thanks for the info. i tried to take an old zipped version but Knime won’t allow me to install older versions of the plugins. i guess waiting will then be the only option, as i don’t want to do a complete re-installation.

btw the error massage I get is the following:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Program Files\KNIME\plugins\org.knime.python2_3.6.0.v201807061638\py\”, line 278, in execute
exec(source_code, self._exec_env, self._exec_env)



Thanks :slight_smile:
So, what was the cause of this “bug”. Is it Windows 10 LTSB?

Andreas, the error message you get could actually be caused by something different. Would you mind uploading your knime.log file? Thanks!

We’re actually not entirely sure why this error only happened on windows, but it was a race-condition in our python plugin initialization.

I’m sorry but I de-installed the 3.6 and re-installed the 3.5.3 in order to have a working version again. needed a solution for work, sorry about that. the 3.5.3 version works fine so far including the python implementation.

FYI: KNIME 3.6.1 was released today. We’ll highly appreciate any feedback :slight_smile:.


thanks for the info!

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It does work now as expected, so use KNIME 3.6.1. Thanks for debugging :slight_smile:

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