KNIME 3.6: missing nodes and cannot login to example server

After upgrading to KNIME 3.6, I cannot login to the Example Server. Two comments regarding this:

  1. In 3.5.x, I could right click on “EXAMPLES” and I was prompted for proxy user/password. I don’t have this in 3.6.

  2. I have already specified proxy server and user credentials in preferences; no success.

    *** Welcome to KNIME Analytics Platform v3.6.0.v201807100937 ***
    *** Copyright by KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland ***

    Log file is located at: D:\Users\b911712\knime-workspace.metadata\knime\knime.log
    WARN TipsAndNewsInjector Could not modify intro page: Connection refused: connect
    WARN NewReleaseMessageInjector Could not modify intro page: Connection refused: connect
    WARN KnimeRemoteFileSystem Connecting to server “” failed.

On the other hand, I cannot see existing nodes like Hive or HDFS. I’ve already installed using Windows installer, and also downloaded the full release (where all extensions are supposed to be included).


Hi peleitor,

there seems to be some problem with your update to 3.6 (obviously :-)). Can you try to start knime with the “-clean” option and see if everything works as expected then?



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Yes I did so, no changes…

@peleitor does KNIME Analytics Platform open if you select a different workspace?

Same situation even after setting new workspace:

  1. no Login option on right click
  2. missing nodes (eg. Hive) (49.7 KB)

The HIVE nodes are not part of the full built. You need to install them separately.
Can you click on see examples? What is happening than?

Ok, in summary, this is the situation:

  • Unable to install any extensions (eg. unable to connect via proxy). As you can see in my previous screenshot, there is no Login popup menu option.


Now I can see the examples, but I am unable to install any extensions. See attached image.

Also, I’ve tried to manually install extensions from the offline distributed full extensions zip file, but the installer sticks in “calculating required space”.