KNIME 3.6 slow POS tagger performance

After upgrading to KINME 3.6 the POS tagger node in my workflow takes 4x - 5x longer than it did in 3.5. I haven’t made any changes other than upgrading KNIME, rolling back to 3.5 has fixed the issue. Any ideas on how to fix the issue would be appreciated, thanks!

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Hi @mwilliams,

I just gave this a try and couldn’t reproduce it - for me, execution time of the POS Tagger is roughly the same between 3.5 and 3.6. Did you perform an update, or did you use a fresh installation of 3.6?


Hi Roland,

I performed an update from 3.5. Let me try a fresh install of 3.6 and see if I can replicate the issue. Thanks for the help!

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HI Roland,

I tried a fresh copy of KNIME 3.6 with the same issue. My original workflow was being run on an Ubuntu 16.04 server, I tried the same workflow on my Windows workstation with the same result. I should point out I’m processing somewhat large documents - between 5k and 10k words. I’m using the OpenNLP English Word Tolkenizer. Thanks for the help!

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