KNIME 3.x node traffic light contrast

Dear KNIMErs,

By and large I like the new 3.x design, but I did notice a contrast issue between the node "traffic light" colours and their grey backdrop, especially for status "red" and "green". If the red and green were "deep" colours with a dark "grey value" / luminosity this wouldn't be that much of an issue, but right now they seem to be too close to the grey value surrounding them.

Please adjust to avoid eye strain!

Suggested resources:

Many thanks,
Your local Ergonomist :-)

Dear Ergonomist,

thank you for the tip. For the new design our designer tried many possible traffic light colors. Making them clearly visible on many different screens with various settings plus fitting to the new design is not an easy task. Our designer will look into this. However, I am afraid that for the next release 3.1 this is not really feasable anymore.

Cheers, Kilian


Thanks, I know  the challenge... good luck with the tweaks. :)

Maybe as a follow-on request: could we turn off the default grid view again, please? Just clutters a perfectly pretty white canvas.

Thank you