KNIME 4.0 - workflow takeover issues

I was wondering what has happened to my workflow. I’ll describe step by step what I did.

I have KNIME 3.7 installed with some workflows in the workspace

  1. I exported all workflows to archive the 3.7 workspace (just in case…)
  2. I installed KNIME 4.0 (additionally) adding all extensions I need
  3. I pointed the KNIME 4.0 workspace to the location of the ‘old’ workspace
  4. I opened one of my recent ‘old’ workflows and now I get a few nodes as ‘deprecated’. They were not deprecated before and they should not be deprecated now.

One of the nodes was ‘Expand Well Position’ from our extension, another one was the ‘String to Number’ node. For the first I now that there is a deprecated version but I am sure, I did not use it when creating that workflow. For the second, I am also sure, I did not use a deprecated version.

Looking into the settings.xml of my workspace backup shows me:
<entry key="factory" type="xstring" value="de.mpicbg.knime.hcs.base.nodes.layout.expandbarcode2.ExpandPlateBarcodeFactory2"/>
This is the version which is not deprecated (how it should be).

Looking into the settings.xml of the workspace now used by KNIME 4.0 shows me:
<entry key="factory" type="xstring" value="de.mpicbg.knime.hcs.base.nodes.layout.ExpandWellPositionFactory"/>
This is indeed the deprecated version.

How could that happen??? I did not change anything to the workflow (beside the fact that the deprecated version is not even visible in the node repository since a long time…).
And - it happend on my Mac as well as on my Linux (different workspaces but the same problem for a few nodes…).

I even created a small workflow with KNIME 3.7, exported it and imported it into KNIME 4.0 => same problem. I will attach you this workflow (exported from KNIME 3.7).
test_deprecation.knwf (7.9 KB)


If i unzip your attached workflow and look at the settings.xml for the Expand Well Position node, it shows the latter value:

<entry key="factory" type="xstring" value="de.mpicbg.knime.hcs.base.nodes.layout.ExpandWellPositionFactory"/>

I’m sorry, I think I messed up several things yesterday. Everything seems to work as expected.

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