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Hey Knimers

Must say 4.0 looks great. Will workflows edited and saved in 4.0 be able to be opened in 3.7? I saw a reference to some of the community contributions in the release notes and wanted to check before proceeding.

We have multiple developers here and I need to know if we can upgrade individually at different times or we should all upgrade at the same time.



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KNIME promises backwards compatibility, but this is about forward compatibility so I cannot guarantee anything. However, I’d guess it should be possible with a minor change to your knime.ini.

Workflows containing executed nodes that make use of KNIME’s native table store format (nodes with black triangle output port) can be opened with 3.7, but the stored data cannot be read. The reason for this is that KNIME 4.0 uses a different compression. Therefore, if you want to share executed workflows with < 4.0 users make sure to add the the following line to your 4.0 knime.ini

Note: Also tables written with the Table Writer node in 4.0 cannot be read in < 4.0 if you don’t include this line.

Things to keep in mind:

  1. Workflows containing nodes introduced with 4.0 cannot be used in 3.7
  2. Whenever you open a workflow that was created with 4.0 you’ll get informed / warned when opening it with 3.7
  3. Some of the extensions, e.g., the Palladian are not yet available for 4.0, see Palladian nodes gone after update to knime 4.0.
  4. Some extension cannot directly be installed from within KNIME Analytics Platform, e.g., Selenium, see Announcement: Selenium Nodes 4.0 released
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Little clarification here:

The Selenium Nodes 4.0 can be installed directly into KNIME 4.0 and they are compatible with KNIME 4.0.

Just in case of upgrading KNIME from 3.x to 4, one needs make sure to remove the “jBrowser” plugin (and additional, optional extension for the Selenium Nodes) before installing the 4.0 release of the Selenium nodes.




Sorry my bad! Thanks for correcting me. Edited the post accordingly.


Thanks for the comprehensive response Mark. I was curious as to why the Palladian nodes and Selenium nodes were not compatible with 4.0?

Is that something you can expand on?

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