KNIME 4.1 - custom node - Error resolving 'bundle com.knime.oda.driver 0.0.0'


I’m currently working on getting a custom node working in KNIME 4.1.
The error ocurring while building when using the repository is “Missing requirement ‘bundle com.knime.oda.driver 0.0.0’”.
When using as repository the build completes sucessfully, but the node cannot be installed in KNIME 4.1.

From what I’ve found so far, it seems like currently there is no support for com.knime.oda.driver in KNIME 4.1

Was the support for com.knime.oda.driver dropped with the release of KNIME 4.1 or are there any plans to get this back again soon?

This plug-in has been renamed to org.knime.oda.driver (as well as all other reporting plug-ins and features).


Great! Thanks for letting me know.
After changing vom com.knime.oda.driver to org.knime.oda.driver the build is working again.

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