KNIME 4.3.1. crushes when generic loop start connected to table row to variable


I noticed that in KNIME 4.3.1 when you connect a generic loop start followed by a table row to variable it crushes. It does not let you do anything else and your only chance is to force KNIME to be closed and reboot it.
Is anyone experiencing the same?


Hello @venturaz87,

just tired it and KNIME haven’t crashed. Maybe there is something specific about your design and/or configuration. Can you maybe share workflow example?


@venturaz87 by chance, do you have duplicate column names or is a column named RowId? If so, then we’ve fixed this bug already and will release an update with the fix very soon.




Thanks both for your answers. I am actually trying something very simple: simple table with 1 row, generic loop start and then table row to variable.
I also tried to add a RowID after the generic loop start but it keeps crushing. I am not experiencing this error with KNIME 4.0.2.

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