Knime 4.3.2 crashes frequently On Print Screen key press Windows 10

Observed many times when I have switched (ALt-TAB) to another application and Knime UI is hidden behind the other application’s window and i try and take a screenshot of the other application by pressing the Print Screen key. Knime disappears from the task bar.

Also observed sometimes when taking screenshot of some node on Knime.

Not fully reproducible but can happen several times in a day. To avoid this, I have to remember not to press Print Screen when Knime is running, else I might lose my unsaved changes in Knime.

Can find some log files in knime_4.3.2 folder.
Excerpt from one of them is attached.

Hi @ram_godbole

What a weird behavior. Currently I can’t reproduce the issue, but I’ll update you if I find the cause. To that end, thanks for the detailed description and for already including logs and software versions.

The error itself (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VILOATION) suggests that this is an issue deep within the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) / OS level. Do you have an antivirus program running? If so, maybe pause it for a while (just for testing) and see if the problem still occurs.

KNIME Analytics Platform 4.4 planned for the end of June / early July will bundle a newer Java version, which might also solve the issue.

As a workaround for now, I’d suggest activating the auto save feature, which you can find in
File → Preferences → KNIME GUI → Auto Save open workflows
This should at least save you from having to redo hours of work.

Kind regards


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