KNIME 4.3.2 - Excel Reader node BUG when using variable in sheet_name

The expected behavior is to follow variable content to read specific sheet_name, but instead it is reading what assigned in “Sheet selection” area, defaulting to “Select first sheet with data” option.
See assigned variable image:

I have also followed: KNIME 4.3 - New Excel Reader is buggy with flow variables based configuration , with no success

I can’t see how that’s a bug. I wouldn’t expect that simply assigning a variable in the Flow Variables tab would change a radio selection in the Settings tab. It seems perfectly reasonable to me to have to explicitly tell the node which Sheet Selection mode to operate under.

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Thank you @elsamuel , I have succeeded with changing the radio button to correctly assign the variable value as the selected sheet (when selecting apriori “Select sheet with name”), Cheers!!

The reason, I wrote it as BUG, is because, I tried previously to set the radio button to this option, again with variable, with no success :frowning: (I have tried full string “Select sheet with name”, or “1” as option 1, didn’t work), and didn’t think of your suggestion, thank you again.
It is somehow for me resolved, or at least a new question should be posted for setting correctly the radio button based on a variable value.

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