Knime 4.3.3.linux.gtk.x86_64 multi user readonly installation PATH: per-user plugins setup?


I am installing knime for a group of users in a shared NFS storage, so that they don’t need to install it themselves in their $HOME.
This is working fine, when only the default plugins are used. If someone wants to add a new plugin from knime-hub, let’s say rdkit, they are denied because the installation path is hosted on a read-only shared NFS space.

Question: is there a way to specify a “per-user” plugin PATH so that these additionnal plugins are installed in $HOME/knime-plugins/$knime_version ?



oh, I can just “ignore” the read-only warning

by click “Yes” to proceed and it will install in


not as clean as I wish, but I can live with that, if there is no other solutions.



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