Knime 4.3 Can't install to previous directory

Woke up to a nice surprise Knime 4.3 is available… Yeah… but the uninstalled the previous version (as expected) but wouldn’t install the new version to that folder (not expected). Had to rename the old directory but the new install will be missing some plugins.

Is this expected?

Not expected. Maybe a run-as-administrator type problem? Did you install using the same user (normal user vs. administrator?)

You did not expected to uninstall previous version. Just to make an update in place.

I was not thinking… should have just updated from within the app rather than use the installer which started the uninstall process but couldn’t install afterwards as there were left over files. This might be a good feature request to check in there is an existing install… if yes, ask the user if they want to start the app and trigger an in-place update or uninstall and install new version.

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